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What is X-Assault? According to the official website, it's an Internet game featuring the members of the New X-Men, the Uncanny X-Men, the X-Treme X-Men, X-Force, X-Factor, Excalibur... and lots more! Combine your X-Trivia knowledge, your strategy, and your luck to fight off an attack by the evil Brotherhood. First, recruit as many mutants as you can with your knowledge of their pasts, then assemble a squad from the heroes you've found. Once you've completed your squad, send them out to intercept the evil mutants in the Brotherhood!

What's that? You still don't understand? Time to break it down for you, twinz, inc. style:

We're really into X-Assault. It's a free, online game that has all the excitement of the comics, and then some! One of the best things about it is the fact that the characters have power ratings in Energy, Fighting, Strength, and Intellect. Very nice choice of stats.

You start off by playing a game of Press Your Luck in which you watch the squares around the board light up, and when you see the character you want on your team (as long as you're fast enough) you then get a trivia question regarding that mutant. These trivia questions can be anything in X-Men lore, from X-Factor vs the mayonnaise jar to Phoenix's last stand. The more familiar you are with the character, the easier the question will be for you. For us, the new X-Force guys were especially tough. But you eventually memorize the right answers so you know from now on. See, it's an educational experience too!

You get to play 8 rounds of Press Your Luck, and out of those 8 you have to have at least 5 members to create a squad. That means you have to get 5/8 questions right. In the case that you don't have enough, start over and you'll get 8 more rounds to recruit mutants. If you get more than 5, you get to choose 5 from the characters you've recruited to form your team. After choosing your squad the next choice is deciding on a leader. The character you choose will greatly enhance your team's performance if he or she has good leadership qualities. So of course Cyclops is the very best leader you could have for your team. Just use common sense, if you have Strong Guy and Storm on your squad, let Storm lead.

After getting your squad together and assigning a leader, you'll be shown a map of the world and 4 locations that contain an evil mutant. Remember, your team consists of 5 members so someone will get to sit in reserve and back you up if needed. Next you will choose which member on your team to send to each location, depending on the threat. If the situation is in Egypt, you'd wanna send Archangel, just in case it's Apocalypse (you'll find out why later). If someone is tearing the town to shreds, you shouldn't send someone like any of the new X-Force people, cause Sabretooth could gladly gut any of them. This is where the real strategy comes in, it will make all the difference in the game, which is why it's so important to recruit a skilled and diversified team.

Another great strategy is trying to recruit a certain team. For example, try to watch those little squares as they light up and get all the members to form your own squad of the rosters currently in the X-Titles, or try for classic teams like the Blue & Gold strike forces or the gang from Giant Sized #1. Makes it even more fun, especially if you recruit Havok's X-Factor.

Got all that?! Most of you probably understand, but we know a few of you are a little slow, so try to keep up, okay? Check out the links at the top, they're valuable resources to your X-Assault experience. They will be updated regularly until completed.

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