The Fiasco of 88
(even though it's 2001)

There's no card number 88?!

The checklist says it's a teamwork card with The Hand on it. Out of 2 boxes of boosters and the starter decks A & B, we didn't get card 88/250. Go ahead, look at your checklists. It's not in the boxes though. Marvel made a slight error and didn't print it. The card is a level 20 teamwork, half V, half W. The image below is what was used for the card.

We received the following official message from Team ReCharge on Dec. 27:

Those sneaky ninja did, indeed, pull a jedi-mind trick of sorts and escaped from the inaugural edition. Something about not wanting to be captured on film....

We will make sure that fans get ahold of those nefarious Hand cards by either a special promotion or a later printing.

Apologies for the error.

Team ReCharge

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