twinz, inc. Marvel ReCharge

The Orange King's Auctions
The Orange King (of OverPower fame) is ReCharged! Check out all of his awesome eBay auctions; and stay tuned for the mailing list!

Batteries Not Included
Razor is officially on board for ReCharge with the launching of this site. He's gone from Palm Trees to Chinese.

Tak's at it again, another OP celeb is along for the ride. And he needs traffic!

Yeah Dogg!
Has the potential to be a great RC site! Has rules for his Solitaire ReCharge, and some other neat-o stuff you might be interested in.

Iron Realm
A cool, advanced site devoted to ReCharge and the upcoming HeroClix! Nice homemades!

Official Marvel ReCharge Site
Marvel's site is incredible, now if they'd only update...

Yahoo! Clubs Marvel Recharge
Perhaps the largest gathering of ReCharge activity., 'Nuff said. What was to be the nucleus for all ReCharge information.

Potomac Distribution
Potomac is #1 in our book. They always ship fast & free, we order all our boxes from here. Minimum order of $100 required.

The Edge-Man
Hard to believe, but they're cheaper than Potomac. They ship for free only over $100. We've ordered from them in the past.

twinz, inc. HeroClix
twinz, inc. tackles HeroClix! omega red ownz j00

twinz, inc. OverPower
OverPower: twinz, inc. style. Used to be updated regularly!!!

twinz, inc. Raw Deal
Do you smell what the twinz are cookin?!
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