7 February 2002

  • Today we scheduled a tournament for the Pittsburgh Comicon! Click here for the info! We're currently waiting for a response from Marvel regarding prize support.
  • There's a new ReCharge 2 teaser in the latest issue of Previews, visit our Images department to check it out.\

    27 January 2002

  • X-Assault version 0.94 was released late last night, and we've been playing non-stop ever since. It is the best game ever created you know... Anyway, we have a high score that will definitely be on the "Who's Your Daddy" winners' board courtesy of X-Men Hollywood, those merry mutants that fulfilled Bryan Singer's big-screen vision. This version of X-Ass also brought forth Banshee, Cable, Cannonball, Jubilee for your squads, and the new baddies include Bastion, Shadow King, and of course... Omega Red ownz j00.

    26 January 2002

  • ReCharge 2nd Edition is set for March 2002: Nice Guys Finish Last! Check out our Images for the latest advertisement regarding RC2.
  • X-Assault version 0.94 will be released TONIGHT! We'll be playing as soon as the new X-Ass is released. We're the current Gold Team Champions ya know...

    17 January 2002

  • Shortly after yesterday's update was made, we beat our personal high score on X-Assault with an astonishing 109 with Storm's Gold Team. Now the infamous twinz are listed on Nixon's Who's Your Daddy LeaderBoard as "Gold Team Champions"!!!
  • No ReCharge news really... finally some trading going on around the Yahoo! Club, and we've got a steady flow of new visitors to the #ReCharge chat.

    16 January 2002

  • We're still huge fans of "X-Assault, the best game ever created". We have recently changed the X-Ass department, more info & stuff. Today we reached a high score of 108.33. Not good enough for the "Who's Your Daddy?" list, but our personal best.

    12 January 2002

  • Big updates to the X-Assault department. If you haven't played yet, head over there now, we guarantee you'll be hooked in no time.

    3 January 2002

  • InQuest #80 is out, which includes a Marvel ReCharge Checklist featuring "All the cards for the hottest superhero CCG ever." Complete with rarities! We've updated our checklist accordingly to accomodate the rarity listings.
  • Again in InQuest, ReCharge is featured in their OnDeck department. The transcript is as follows:

        WHAT IT IS: The game to play if you're into Marvel comics, with cool new art and original play. 250-card set. Marvel. $7.99 per 52-card starter. $1.49 per 8-card booster.
        WHY IT'S COOL: gRemember what we said about anime chicks? Well, they've got nuthin' on Elektra, Black Widow and She-Hulk.

    31 December 2001

  • The Edge-Man has ReCharge! And they're even cheaper than Potomac. Seriously!

    29 December 2001

  • We've discovered the image that is on that unprinted teamwork featuring The Hand. Vist our feature on Card 88 to see the artwork.

    28 December 2001

  • Added the Guide to Specials department, the layout may change until we're happy with it.

    27 December 2001

  • Today we received official confirmation from Team ReCharge that card 88 was not printed. Check out our feature on "The Fiasco of 88" to read the transcript.
  • According to their website, UDON Members Angelo Tsang, Arnold Tsang & Shane Law have done quite a few Digital Renderings for the Marvel Recharge Card Set.

    26 December 2001

  • Hope everyone had a great X-Mas!
  • We had a li'l chat with the Orange King today; he's all set to provide the ReCharge community with his fantastic auctions once again! Check out our links section to see what's available on eBay under the jurisdiction of the Orange Kingdom!

    23 December 2001

  • ReCharge Series 2 in March! Previews is already advertising for the first expansion, which features official Spider-Man movie images and reprints some of your favorite heroes from the Inaugural set. So yes, you can have 2 Gambit heroes in your deck with the same stats since it will be a different picture. Complete with a teaser image of 4 cards, be sure to check out the full article.
  • Happy Festivus! Sure, we can celebrate this fictional holiday, courtesy of the now-classic Seinfeld sitcom.
  • We'll be continuing with the frequent updates. Visit often!
  • Our checklist is now more "complete", featuring power ratings for each card. We'll be posting a Legend soon to clarify.

    21 December 2001

  • Once again, we have been recognized at The Punisher Archive for scanning ReCharge Punisher cards. Check it out!
  • The decks have been constructed! Check out the new section to see what we're coming up with.

    20 December 2001

  • Got our cards today! Potomac Distribution always ships fast AND free!
  • While opening packs, we stopped to look at that Avengers teamwork card. It's beautiful.
  • Get your cards in order and stop by the trading page! We're looking for a few good foils.
  • Rarity? The jury's still out in deciding if there's commons, uncommons, and rares among the regular cards. Of course the foils are rare, we're wondering about the regular ones.
  • Thumbs down to Marvel on foil distribution. They are 1:2 packs, you get 18 in a box. But you get 18 CONSECUTIVE cards. In one box we got the foils numbered 184 to 201. That was kinda cheap, they should be random foil picks.

    18 December 2001

  • Uh-oh! It's been a while. All kinds of AWESOME ReCharge information has become available since our last update. Possibly the most important piece is that the release date has been pushed up from the delayed December 31 date. Now Potomac Distribution is listing a DECEMBER 19 RELEASE DATE! That's tomorrow!!
  • There's going to be an uncut sheet of every foil from the first set available... for retail! But be ready to break open your piggy bank; you've gotta spent a century of dollar bills!
  • Play X-Assault! We've converted our X-Ass department from twinz, inc. OP for your convenience right here at twinz, inc. ReCharge.

    18 November 2001

  • Site change! Ooh, crazy new background idea (thanks Marvel!). The links should load quicker without the images, and Razor notified us that we had Shadowcat spelled wrong in our Checklist. Homemade section added with an awesome Gambit card. Razor's site is lookin pretty good.

    11 November 2001

  • Page change! Links are on the left, no more frames. We're working on page headings.
  • New link up! Razor's finally entered the RC website community!!

    1 November 2001

  • We received two 25-card pre-release decks yesterday, courtesy of mikeelbig. The game is lots of fun, and actually quite in-depth once you play a few games. There is a great deal of strategy involved, despite the easy to understand game mechanics.

    22 October 2001

  • If you take a look at Marvel's ReCharge tutorial, you'll notice that at the very end of the Credits is the following text: "U.S. Patent #5,662,332 used under license from Wizards Of The Coast, Inc." Check out the patent for Trading card game method of play.
  • We're featured at The Punisher Archive for some digital pics we took of our ReCharge uncut sheet featuring you-know-who.
  • Wizard #123 arrived in the mail today, with a new ReCharge advertisement inside! Check out our Images for the new ad.

    20 October 2001

    19 October 2001

  • Marvel's ReCharge site FINALLY has something other than the "Playing Nice Gets You Nowhere" ad! Check out www.marvel.com/recharge for a cool Flash presentation introducing the game. It even includes a quick demo to show you the basics!!
  • Our uncut sheet of ReCharge arrived today! We'll start making a checklist and take some scans/pictures of it for your enjoyment. Stay tuned!

    September 2001

  • We picked up InQuest #79, which is pathetically over 50% Magic. They spared mere centimeters (we measured it) to talk about ReCharge. The transcript is as follows:

      Here's a trend we hope to see catch on: Boosters for the new Marvel ReCharge superhero CCG are a reasonable $1.49 for eight cards. Maybe they should've called it "undercharge."
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