If you'd like to see ANY specific card (including foils, if we have it), let us know and we'll be glad to scan it for you.

Click on the little cards to get the big picture. Click on the new ad for a HUGE representation.
The Feb. '02 Previews comes complete with a new 2-page spread featuring information on ReCharge 2! The right page is that image on the right, and the left page, well: Click here for a little picture that you have to strain to see, or click here for the full representation where you can actually tell what the cards are.
We are again featured at thepunisher.com by scanning all 5 ReCharge cards that show the man himself.
Punisher Hero  |  Daredevil / Punisher Teamwork  |  Punisher Power Card  |
Punisher / Black Widow Power Card  |  Punisher Hero Foil.
Series 2 ReCharge Series 2! Coming in March, here's a 4-card teaser image. Click here for the full story straight from Previews.
Ghost Rider First image of Ghost Rider! From eBay of course, this is one of the game's more powerful heroes since he is both a hero and a villain.
Thor It's The God of Thunder himself! In ReCharge they gave him the power right away, he's stacked with a 70.
The The Thing can't hang with heavy hitters like Hulk, but he rocks (pun intended) with a little teamwork from High Pockets and Suzie.
Daredevil Yet another image from eBay, this one features Daredevil in a sealed pre-release deck. Here we can clearly see that yes, the corners are rounded. Gotta love that artwork.
Card set that sold on eBay From eBay: Notice the squared corners; hopefully it's just for the pre-release deck...
New Ad in Wizard #123 New ad featured in Wizard #123. We're getting closer to the release date, it's about time they showed us somethin a little different.
Uncut Sheet! Can you say uncut sheet?! Thank you eBay, this 100-card sheet is now property of twinz, inc.
Wizard Article From Wizard #122, when they spent a day with Marvel EIC, Joe Quesada. Just used this image to show what El Presidente Bill Jemas looks like. It seems as if they're opening packs, and we think those are some stacks of cards to the left.
Booster Packs Featuring Ultimate Wolverine, Icons Rogue, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Elektra
Starter Decks Shown on the box, from left to right: Elektra, Spidey, Red Skull, Doc Ock, Wolvie, and She Hulk
Cardback Notice the numbers across the top and bottom. This game is all about tens, just like the metric system.
Playing Nice... Gets You Nowhere
The original ad first seen in Previews

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