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Indy HeroClix
Last updated February 1, 2004.

If interested in trading with Z, please send all requests to jablonski5@yahoo.com.

Character Strength Rarity
Abbey Chase Rookie 3
Abbey Chase Veteran 5
Abbey Chase Unique 6
Aphrodite IX Veteran 3
Arashi Rookie 1
Arwyn Veteran 4
Arwyn Unique 6
Ashleigh Veteran 3
Boon Rookie 2
Bron Rookie 2
Cyblade Unique 6
Death Demon Rookie 3
Hecate Unique 6
Ian Nottingham Experienced 3
Johnny Alpha Rookie 1
Johnny Alpha Veteran 3
Judge Anderson Unique 6
Judge Death Unique 6
Judge Hershey Experienced 2
Kabuki Rookie 3
Lobster Johnson Experienced 2
Magdalena Veteran 3
Natalia Kassle Veteran 4
Rasputin Veteran 5
Samandahl Rey Unique 6
Shi Veteran 4
Sydney Savage Experienced 2
The Darkness Veteran 4
Witchblade Veteran 5
Yukio Rookie 3
Yukio Experienced 4
Yukio Veteran 5
Character Strength Rarity
Aphrodite IX Rookie 1
Arwyn Experienced 3
Boon Veteran 4
Bron Experienced 3
Death Demon Experienced 4
Hellboy Veteran 5
Ian Nottingham Rookie 2
Ian Nottingham Veteran 4
Johnny Alpha Experienced 2
Judge Dredd Rookie 3
Judge Dredd Veteran 5
Judge Hershey Rookie 1
Judge Hershey Veteran 3
Magdalena Rookie 1
Magdalena Experienced 2
Major Maxim Experienced 3
Major Maxim Veteran 4
Rasputin Experienced 4
Scarab Experienced 2
The Darkness Rookie 2
Tiger Lily Rookie 1
Tiger Lily Experienced 2
Tomoe Rookie 1
Tomoe Experienced 2
Tomoe Veteran 3

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