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    3 January 2004

  • BACK IN BLACK!! The infamous twinz have gone back to their roots (a la OverPower for you newbies -- OP LIVES!) for a darker site to better enhance the vision of our infamy. Hope you enjoy the new banners!
  • Who Wouldja Rather? The new section is very popular so far! Check it out!
  • Coming Soon: A domain without popups and ads!

    1 January 2004

  • Because YOU demanded it!! The return of twinz, inc. HeroClix! We appreciate your support since the inaugural edition of the game and hope we can re-gain your trust as one of the best HC sites on the 'Net.
  • Just in case anyone's keeping track, our trading list HAS been updated to the minute the whole time throughout our lack of general updates. Ain't nobody in the business as puncutal as us on that front.
  • So how 'bout CRITICAL MASS?! This set brings in some of the House of Idea's most requested characters for the fans to enjoy.
  • Next up: UNLEASHED! The upcoming set from the Distinguished Competition is introducing in the best Green Lantern EVER to the HC scene along with DC's flagship characters' Kingdom Come counterparts, including a seemingly nigh-unstoppable Superman.
  • We scored the original art for the BLUE BEETLE figure from Hypertime! Thanks to Chad "Space Ghost" Wilson for the assist on wrestling the piece away from fan-favorite comic and HeroClix artist Dave Hoover.
  • NEW SECTION here at twinz, inc.! We're proud to bring you the "Who Wouldja Rather?" feature to help you build your forces.

    27 July 2003

  • Miss us?! Of course you did. A lot has happened since our last update! We haven't been around lately 'cause we were busy digging ourselves out of debt. Damn you, Comicon!
  • Speaking of the 2003 Pittsburgh Comicon, our very own Mike The Red from twinz, inc. won Space Ghost's 300 point Marvel HeroClix tourney!
  • Cosmic Justice is out already?! Geez, we gotta get some of that. All we have so far is the translucent emerald John Stewart.
  • You'll notice that our trading pages have taken a significant blow to what we have to offer. We made a sacrifice to the Gaming Gods, so the little plastic figs were maimed and utterly destroyed in grotesque fashions in order to secure good luck for our future booster packs.
  • In movie news, Hulk was eh, LXG rocked the house, Doc Ock-er, Spidey 2 is filming now, and Punisher comes out next year!
  • In comic news, relaunches suck, Jim Lee on Batman is outstanding, and we still hate Bill Jemas. Oh, and Beetle over there has a new 6-issue series out, it's a great funny book. Pick up your copies of Formerly Known As The Justice League next time you stop at the shop.
  • That's all I can think of for now. Maybe more updates later.

    18 April 2003

  • Got the rest of our Xplosion order in the mail, which sucked worse than HeroComplex from HCRealms.
  • Good thing is, trade list is up! Yay. We'll add that crap to later in the week, so check out the real deal here at twinz, inc.
  • The Pittsburgh Comicon is next weekend! Check out their website for the guest list. We'll be in the tournaments sponsored by our good friend Space Ghost. Check out what he has to say about the tourneys here.
  • Oh yeah! Don't forget about the OverPower tournament too! OP LIVES!

    9 April 2003

  • We gots Xplosion, We gots Xplosion! Split a case with Z, still waiting for more packs to come in. Once those arrive we'll post the necessary new trade lists.
  • Underground information is speculating that Draddog of HCRealms is in cahoots with Saddam.
  • Finally got around to takin some pics of Z's customs, we'll post those when photo editing is completed. His new Bullseye rocks.
  • Hope everyone likes our Gambit on the main page. Très frais.

    18 March 2003

  • It's nice to be noticed! We got a VERY friendly e-mail from WizKids, giving us permission and what-not to do HeroClix stuff on here. Only thing they asked was that we add the flavor text at the bottom of each page and use our own images. No prob! We kinda like our Blue Beetle better, looks taller and more menacing.
  • Two new teams added! Yay. Mike was bored last night.
  • Yeah, you all know it's updated to the minute, but we added like 10 non-Unique haves to our Clobberin Time trade list.

    16 March 2003

  • We got banned from HCRealms! Normally we would rejoice, but... we didn't do anything this time! They said we were Spamming again, but we haven't posted for a few days. So who knows, we'll keep you updated. If you're bored, send an e-mail to sayin that we're cool and they stink. Thanks for your support.

    12 March 2003

  • New page added! Link's on the main page. We got warned on HC Realms for "Spamming" but I think it should have been another "Disrespect Towards Forum Leaders." So now you guys can keep track of where we stand on their shit list. twinz Warnings from HC Realms
  • Z's trade lists updated. Yaaaaaaaaay!
  • You're not going crazy, we decreased the font. Too small? Better now? Didn't notice? Let us know!!!!

    08 March 2003

  • Mike was bored and added Cyclops headers to each page.

    06 March 2003

  • The Xplosion list was 100% accurate! Just like Bullseye!
  • Now we have the Cosmic Justice list which we'll be dropping by the ton from airplanes over NYC so everyone can see it.
  • DD's still in theatres! Go see Bullseye again!
  • The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Icecats captured a championship in College Hockey East.

    03 February 2003

  • Check out our Good Traders list, we added a whole bunch of stuff to each trader.
  • Daredevil Soundtrack comes out tomorrow! Featuring "Man Without Fear" by remaining Drowning Pool members with Rob Zombie.

    29 January 2003

  • Yeah, a link to the controversial Xplosion list is back up on the main page. What else can we say? Maybe Lobo could state it best: "Bite me, fanboy."
  • Z's Clobberin' Time and Infinity Challenge trading lists were recently updated, so check 'em out!

    20 January 2003

  • Here's the dilly: HCRealms threatened us, warned us, whatever. WIZKIDS GAMES e-mailed us. Apparently someone doesn't want the players and collectors that PURCHASE THE PRODUCT to pass around information about upcoming sets, which obviously creates more hype, increases advanced orders, makes the companies more money, etc. So we've removed the Xplosion spoiler list from this site. The infamous twinz really enjoy expressing their freedom of speech and getting information out to fans about their favorite games. It's the players that make these games successful, not some idiot in a leather chair saying "Give Nightwing an AF-coded special!" because he doesn't really care about the game. So keep your interest in XPLOSION, as most of you know it's gonna be a great set; and please, continue playing, trading, buying, and supporting HeroClix! It's the best game since the legendary OVERPOWER!

    18 January 2003

  • Yeah, we know it's been a while... we recently turned 21, so that's why the page hasn't been updated. We crawled out of a ditch in Nebraska 2 days ago.
  • Are you ready for Xplosion?! We are! If anyone wants the list of figures for the set that was deleted by the mama's boys over at HCRealms, let us know, we'll be happy to get it to you.
  • NOTICE If you've traded with us or Z before and your name ain't on the good traders list, it's because while we were updating, the server froze and we lost the info. E-mail us your stuff and we'll add it asap. Thanks!

    29 December 2002

  • Hope everyone had a nice Christmas... or Chanukah... or Kwanzaa.
  • Added that place to our links... why didn't you bastards tell us that site was there before?!

    13 December 2002

  • Traded with our colleague Z today again... hey buddy, "I lost my Mojo!" So check out the trading lists of both the infamous twinz and the ever-shady Z to help complete your collections.
  • Speaking of Z, he has some new custom figures, and we'll post 'em soon!
  • Hope you all asked for some Clobberin' Time this holiday season!! Go deck the halls, light some candles, play some Madden 2003, and spread good cheer.
  • Who's ready for X2?! The infamous twinz sure are.

    20 November 2002

  • Okay, okay, enough crying. Since we're never on Instant Messenger with the USA twinz name, we've posted our individual screen names so you can bother us and feel important 'cause you're talkin' to celebrities. Just don't annoy us too much or you'll find yourself being warned and blocked. Just kidding! We're a hoot to chat with.

    18 November 2002

  • Got some Clobberin' Time... split a case with Z, good & bad distribution as always, never gonna be completely happy.
  • You'll notice the addition of Clobberin' Time trade lists for Z and ourselves.
  • Raiders beat the hell out of the Pats on Sunday. Let's hope Maddox will be okay in the long run. Go Kordell!

    15 November 2002

  • There's a new face on the main page replacing Omega Red. Ya see, Doom made us an offer we couldn't refuse. Well he didn't personally make the offer, he sent one of his Doombot emissaries. Anyway... Though our staff will be responsible for creative decisions, we are now under the jurisdiction of Doom. You can consider twinz, inc. an unofficial liaison between the HeroClix community and Latveria.
  • You guys get Grand Theft Auto: Vice City yet?! It's freakin' awesome. Go buy the new GTA today and cruise around in helicopters or hop on a motorcycle.
  • Clobberin' Time is out ya know, exciting stuff. All Hail Doom!
  • We're sure you all have the Spidey DVD now, go watch it again and do your best Bonesaw impression.
  • The new He-Man cartoon & figures totally rock. It's on at 5:00 pm EST on Cartoon Network, and Series 3 just came out in stores, featuring Teela, Orko, Trapjaw and Tri-Klops.

    9 October 2002

  • The chat is back, as stated in the last update. So why aren't you in there yet?!
  • We added a new department here at twinz, inc. that identifies some bastard as a bad trader. His info is on the newly created "Bad Traders" list, accessible from our Trading section.

    7 October 2002

  • The chat is back! Check out the main or contact page for the link, and you can chat with the infamous twinz!
  • We posted our trade list at HCRealms yesterday, and apparently a lot of people view that forum, so we suggest posting your list there today.
  • The Teams section is back up... it's where we post forces we use in games that kick some ass.
  • Darkseid is an Italian stallion... minus the Italian part... and he's not a stallion either... he's good though. Well, he's actually bad, but you know what we mean.
  • Did you get Superman: Shadow of Apokolips for PS2 yet? It's kinda hard.

    1 October 2002

  • It's October.
  • Check out the Trading section for more of Z's stuff. But don't drink the Windber water.
  • The Stillers finally picked up a W. Their record is 1-2 now, we're on a roll.

    22 September 2002

  • Summer's over, changed the left border to a pretty orangeish yellow.
  • BWAH-HA-HA-HA! Our mascot, Blue Beetle, will now be on every page of twinz, inc. HeroClix.
  • Our Marvel trading page now includes Hydra, SHIELD, and all that fun stuff, and the DC page of course has Metropolis SUCK, Intergang, etc.

    21 September 2002

  • Been a while, eh?! We've been busy, and haven't had time to create any new features or anything.
  • Our DC Trading List is now available! You now have three options for our trade list: Marvel, DC, or Both. The plan is to have the Marvel and DC list be complete Haves & Wants, and then the list that contains both will only have figs with rarities 3 or higher.
  • The Steelers are 0-2... it can only get better.

    8 August 2002

  • Not really any big news, just wanted to let you guys know we're still alive.
  • How 'bout that Hypertime?! We can't wait to get our hands on a Blue Beetle. (Thanks Chad!) And we're thrilled to see that Big Blue, The Man Of Steel, Strange Visitor From Another Planet, Liberator Of Truth, Justice, and the American Way... um, that Superman guy, KICKS ASS!
  • Madden comes out next week! We can't wait to get a season going. Today is also the first exhibition for Pittsburgh! Go Steelers!
  • DK #3 shipped last week! It was only about 6 months late! Great way to end the event though, pick it up.
  • We got banned from the one HC Yahoo Group. Hey, they don't call us infamous for nothin...

    21 July 2002

  • New countdown added to the main page. We're anxiously awaiting Madden 2003.

    12 July 2002

  • Three more peeps added to the Good Traders list, props to all you traders out there!
  • Yellowjacket and Ant Man: LAME. Too cheap to pay for sculpt and paint, that's what we say.

    7 July 2002

  • We've tested the HC Sentinels ourselves, and... man... mutants beware!!
  • Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 27, 2002: HeroClix Tournament in the Philadelphia/NJ area. E-mail for more info!
  • Check out our Good Traders page again to view Z's updated list.
  • We know the java chat link wasn't working (at least for us anyway), so we figured out another way to get around it. Come chat with us!!!!!!

    1 July 2002

  • For your convenience, we've added 3 countdowns on the main page. We're anxiously awaiting the release of those movies, Daredevil, X-Men 2, and Hulk. If you want any other related countdowns added, just let us know and we'll slap 'em on there.

    25 June 2002

  • Due to an overwhelming flood of e-mails in our inbox asking if we'll trade with people even though they don't have anything that's on our Want list, we decided to add a few more items to our Wants list. We just hope all you bastards appreciate what we make our interns go through!
  • Expect some customs from twinz, inc. in the near future! We're just workin on some repaints with a little sculpt modifying right now.
  • Is your Radar Sense tingling?! We're hyped for the Bullseye movie, which comes out on February 14, 2003. Oh, it's a DD movie and Bullseye is just one of the baddies in it? Wassup wit dat?! Oh, we added our favorite comic book movie preview site to the links.

    18 June 2002

  • Check out our Trading section again, and once again revel at the list we've put together of good HC players to trade with. Give 'em some business! Especially our buddy Z; he's even sent us his trade list... so check it out! Or he'll force you to watch reruns of Star Trek: The Next Generation!!!

    14 June 2002

  • Yesterday we got back from an excursion to Ohio where we hit up the Six Flags. Stupid Superman ride wasn't working though. We think it was the big coaster beside it that was painted kryptonite green. We did ride the Batman coaster twice though, that was great.
  • Added our local buddy Z to our good traders list.
  • First custom at twinz, inc. posted! Azrael by our good friend Azrael0626 of OverPower fame.

    7 June 2002

  • We added a touch of Summer to our page with the new border over there <-------
  • Nothing else to report.

    5 June 2002

  • The Famous Battles section has been completed. Kinda.
  • We are now on the HCRealms Web Ring thing so people can find twinz, inc. from our fellow HC players' sites.
  • Earlier today we went out on the prowl and got us some paints & sculpty stuff. Now Mike can stop walking around with the Exacto Knife saying, "I'll cut you" and we can actually start making some customs.

    30 May 2002

  • You'll notice that we altered the appearance of our Trading page just a little.
  • New Section! We've added a list of Good Traders to our Trading page.

    22 May 2002

  • We joined the HCRealms WebRing, so that we can dip our dirty little paws into the pool of unsuspecting HeroClix players.
  • Got the links page together, we won't list every single HC site on the net, just the ones that belong to our HC buds and peeps that we trade with.
  • Speaking of trading, check out our page! We need some Pyros! And if you can't trade with us, visit our #HeroClix chat. (The link to the chat is on the main page)
  • Every day should be a movie day! Go see Spider-Man or Attack of the Clones again!

    11 May 2002

  • Grand Opening! Take a look around, we bashed a bottle of champagne and cut the ribbon at our new department offices here at twinz, inc.
  • You know what that means... new interns! Yeah!

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