twinz, inc. HeroClix

Marvel HeroClix
WizKids got a kickin' site that's updated regularly and filled with useful info! Excelsior!

DC HeroClix
Second verse same as the first. You've got mail!

Indy HeroClix
Because sometimes the two big guns just aren't enough. Bring on the scantily-clad wimmenz!

The Premier HeroClix Community. News, strategy, customs, and no sign of the infamous twinz due to HCR's spin-off relationship with WizKids accompanied by the fan-hated draddog (good ol' Kevin).

Ultimate Hero-Lix
BWAH-HA-HA-HA! This is just about THE most entertaining HC site on the 'Net (2nd only to ours, of course!). Creative mods and hilarious comics done in Twisted Mego Theatre style (ala ToyFare) will have you laughing all the way into 2005.

West Coast Empire
WCE is our favorite store in all of Cali! Comics, AirSoft, and of course HEROCLIX!!

HeroClix Trading Post
Looks like the HCTP is out of business! Shame, it was a great way to bring traders together.

Superhero Hype!
We visit this site numerous times a day for the latest info on comic book movies like Daredevil, X², Ghost Rider, Catwoman, etc.

Strong Bad's Email
Flash animation shorts featuring the totally awesome Strong Bad! Watch as he answers one of your emails each week, it's the funniest thing you'll find on the Internet. You'll be hooked!

Brak's Art Gallery
Go "Oooh" and "Aaah" at Brak's spectacular works of art (YES! This IS the Brak of OverPower fame -- tell him the infamous twinz sent you!). Recently recognized for his amazing Champions of the Galaxy artwork, more and more people are discovering Brak's talents. Order a copy or two or three of Toerag Tales #1!!

Comics Central
Owned by Cab|e, CM of Undernet's #Marvel. Check it out for great facts on some of your favorite Marvel Comics characters!

twinz, inc. ReCharge
Playing Nice Will Get You Nowhere! #1 ReCharge site on the Internet.

twinz, inc. OverPower
OverPower: twinz, inc. style. The site that started it all.

twinz, inc. Raw Deal
Do you smell what the twinz are cookin?!

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