I bet me & Booster
could take the twinz

twinz, inc. HeroClix

Tony's BWAH-HA-HA-Hapokolips!
Character Strength Points Affiliation Rarity To tell you the truth, there's no strategical HeroClix rhyme or reason for this DC squad. The Beetle & Booster combo is just for fun like in the comics. I strongly recommend everyone read "Formerly Known As The Justice League", written by fan-favorite Keith Giffen. In addition to DC continuity, in HeroClix Beetle's got decent defense with Toughness and Booster seems to last way longer than he should courtesy of his own Toughness coupled with Super Strength and ranged attacks. Other than that, Darkseid is self-explanatory, and the Medic's there to apply antibacterial wipes as necessary. Don't ask about the Weather Wizard, he's got decent range and can carry Darkseid around when the Lord of Apokalips gets tired. Enjoy!
Blue Beetle Veteran   43 None 4
Booster Gold Veteran   47 None 4
Darkseid Unique 151 None 6
Easy Company Medic Rookie     9 None 1
Weather Wizard Veteran   50 None 5

Mike's Poison Control
Character Strength Points Affiliation Rarity I love the concept of this team: Have the Doombot fly Red Skull around, while Crimson Dynamo taxi's for Joker. Land 'em right beside an opposing figure and let their Poison do the dirty work. Keep your fliers one square away to eat the damage deflected from Mastermind and make ranged attacks, or carry 'em outta there in an emergency. Iceman is pretty much there to do whatever he damn well pleases; sit him on a roof to snipe your opponents and put 'em on hold with Incapacitate for another round of Poison. And remember, the Doombot can benefit from the Hydra ability to increase his attack, and Joker's Perplex can make things even more interesting after he loses that first incredible click of Outwit.
Red Skull Unique    47 Hydra 6
Doombot Veteran    35 Minions of Doom 3
Joker Veteran    91 Batman Enemy 5
Crimson Dynamo Rookie    89 None ?
Iceman Experienced    34 Defenders ?
You may substitute Rogue V and Bullseye E for Crimson Dynamo R and Iceman E, respectively.

Mike Abuses The Superman Enemy Ability
Character Strength Points Affiliation Rarity If two Superman Enemies are adjacent, the figure with the highest point value has the Outwit super power. If that figure already has Outwit, this special ability does not work.

If you're gonna try to use this team or one similar to it, make sure you read the latest DC FAQ, regarding the team ability. That way you can abuse the power to it's full extent. If you have 3 figs all adjacent to eachother, two of them will end up with Outwit. Just make sure you keep those Intergangs alive so you don't lose it! Shouldn't be too much of a problem, 'cause they'll need to get Doom and Ultron out of the way while their characters are at full strength.

Intergang Agent Rookie    18 Superman Enemy 1
Intergang Medic Veteran    29 Superman Enemy 3
Dr. Doom Rookie  121 Minions of Doom 3
Ultron Experienced  139 Minions of Doom 4
Black Cat Experienced    32 Spider-Man 3
Doombot Rookie    27 Minions of Doom 1
Doombot Experienced    33 Minions of Doom 2

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