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Character Strength Rarity
Daredevil Experienced 4
Hulk Unique 6
Lady Deathstrike Unique 6
Madame Masque Rookie 2
Sauron Unique 6
Scorpion Rookie 2
Shadowcat Unique 6
Spider-Man Unique 6
Character Strength Rarity
Beast Rookie 2
Boom-Boom Rookie 1
Boom-Boom Experienced 2
Con Artist Rookie 1
Crimson Dynamo Rookie 2
Crimson Dynamo Veteran 4
Destiny Rookie 1
Destiny Experienced 2
Doc Samson Veteran 4
Hand Ninja Close Rookie 1
Hand Ninja Close Experienced 2
Hand Ninja Close Veteran 3
Hand Ninja Ranged Experienced 2
Hand Ninja Ranged Veteran 3
Iceman Rookie 1
Iron Man Experienced 4
Madame Masque Experienced 3
Madame Masque Veteran 4
Mandarin Rookie 3
Meltdown Veteran 3
Mystique Rookie 1
Mystique Experienced 2
Paramedic Experienced 2
Paramedic Veteran 3
Psylocke Rookie 2
Psylocke Experienced 3
Shadowcat Rookie 1
Shadowcat Experienced 2
Silver Samurai Rookie 3
Silver Samurai Veteran 5
Storm Rookie 3
SWAT Officer Rookie 1
SWAT Officer Experienced 2
SWAT Officer Veteran 3
SWAT Specialist Rookie 1
SWAT Specialist Experienced 2
SWAT Specialist Veteran 3
Taskmaster Experienced 4
Typhoid Mary Rookie 1
Typhoid Mary Experienced 2
Viper Rookie 1
Viper Experienced 2
Viper Veteran 3

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