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Character Strength Rarity
Hydra Medic Veteran 3
Character Strength Rarity
Annihilus Experienced 4
Blade Rookie 1
Blade Experienced 2
Boomerang Rookie 2
Captain America Experienced 4
Constrictor Rookie 2
Constrictor Experienced 3
Cyclops Experienced 4
Henchman Rookie 1
Henchman Experienced 2
Henchman Veteran 3
Hulk Experienced 3
Hydra Medic Experienced 2
Hydra Operative Rookie 1
Hydra Operative Experienced 2
Hydra Medic Experienced 2
Kingpin Rookie 2
Kingpin Veteran 4
Mr. Hyde Experienced 4
Puppet Master Rookie 2
Rogue Rookie 3
SHIELD Agent Experienced 2
SHIELD Agent Veteran 3
SHIELD Medic Rookie 1
SHIELD Medic Experienced 2
SHIELD Medic Veteran 3
Skrull Agent Experienced 2
Skrull Agent Veteran 3
Skrull Warrior Rookie 1
Skrull Warrior Veteran 3
Thug Rookie 1
Thug Experienced 2
Thug Veteran 3
Vulture Rookie 2
Wasp Rookie 2
Wolfsbane Rookie 1
Wolfsbane Experienced 2

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