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Character Strength Rarity
Arcane Rookie 3
Arcane Experienced 4
Arcane Veteran 5
Bane Experienced 4
Black Manta Rookie 3
Black Manta Experienced 4
Booster Gold Experienced 3
Brainiac 13 Rookie 3
Catwoman Rookie 2
Catwoman Experienced 3
Changeling Rookie 3
Checkmate Agent Rookie 1
Checkmate Agent Experienced 2
Checkmate Agent Veteran 3
Checkmate Medic Rookie 1
Checkmate Medic Experienced 2
Checkmate Medic Veteran 3
Clayface III Experienced 4
Clayface III Veteran 5
Criminal Rookie 1
Criminal Experienced 2
Criminal Veteran 3
Dove Rookie 3
Flash Rookie 3
Gotham Policeman Rookie 1
Gotham Policeman Experienced 2
Gotham Policeman Veteran 3
Harley Quinn Experienced 3
Hawk Rookie 3
Hawk Experienced 4
Hawkman Rookie 2
Hawkman Experienced 3
Huntress Rookie 1
Huntress Experienced 2
Intergang Agent Rookie 1
Intergang Medic Rookie 1
Intergang Medic Experienced 2
Intergang Medic Veteran 3
Joker Rookie 3
Lackey Rookie 1
Lackey Experienced 2
Lackey Veteran 3
Mad Hatter Rookie 2
Mad Hatter Experienced 3
Man-Bat Veteran 4
Metropolis SUCK Rookie 1
Metropolis SUCK Experienced 2
Metropolis SUCK Veteran 3
Nightwing Experienced 4
Plastic Man Rookie 3
Riddler Rookie 2
Riddler Experienced 3
Robin Rookie 1
Solomon Grundy Rookie 3
Swamp Thing Rookie 3
Swamp Thing Experienced 4
T.O.Morrow Rookie 2
T.O.Morrow Experienced 3
Weather Wizard Rookie 3
Weather Wizard Experienced 4

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