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Critical Mass
in my pants?

twinz, inc. HeroClix
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Character Strength Rarity
Captain Marvel Unique 6
Hulk Unique 6
Magick Veteran 4
Ronan the Accuser Unique 6
Character Strength Rarity
Absorbing Man Rookie 3
Absorbing Man Veteran 5
Archangel Experienced 3
Archangel Veteran 4
Black Queen Rookie 3
Brood Queen Rookie 2
Brood Queen Experienced 3
Brood Queen Veteran 4
Brood Warrior Rookie 1
Calypso Rookie 1
Corsair Rookie 1
Corsair Experienced 2
Corsair Veteran 3
Daredevil Rookie 1
Daredevil Veteran 3
Diablo Rookie 3
Diablo Veteran 5
Dreadnought Rookie 1
Dreadnought Experienced 2
Dreadnought Veteran 3
Elektra Rookie 1
Elektra Experienced 2
Elektra Veteran 3
Hepzibah Experienced 2
Hepzibah Veteran 3
Kraven Experienced 3
Magick Rookie 2
Marrow Veteran 3
Meteorite Experienced 3
Mole Man Rookie 2
Mole Man Experienced 3
Mole Man Veteran 4
Moloid Experienced 2
Moon Knight Rookie 1
Moon Knight Experienced 2
Patch Rookie 3
Patch Experienced 4
Rhino Rookie 3
Rhino Veteran 5
Selene Veteran 5
Spider-Man Veteran 5
SWAT Heavy Weapons Rookie 1
SWAT Heavy Weapons Experienced 2
Ulik Rookie 3
Umar Rookie 3
Venom Veteran 5

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