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Character Strength Rarity
Character Strength Rarity
AIM Agent Rookie 1
AIM Agent Experienced 2
AIM Agent Veteran 3
AIM Medic Rookie 1
AIM Medic Experienced 2
AIM Medic Veteran 3
Avalanche Rookie 2
Avalanche Experienced 3
Black Cat Rookie 1
Black Cat Veteran 3
Black Widow Rookie 2
Blastaar Experienced 3
Blastaar Veteran 4
Blob Experienced 3
Dr. Doom Veteran 5
Elektra Rookie 2
Hawkeye Experienced 3
Human Torch Rookie 3
Invisible Woman Rookie 3
Logan (no cigar) Experienced 4
Mandroid Veteran 3
Mr. Fantastic Rookie 3
Sandman Rookie 3
SHIELD Sniper Rookie 1
SHIELD Sniper Experienced 2
SHIELD Sniper Veteran 3
SHIELD Trooper Rookie 1
SHIELD Trooper Experienced 2
SHIELD Trooper Veteran 3
Skrull Commando Rookie 1
Skrull Commando Experienced 2
Skrull Commando Veteran 3
Thing Experienced 4
Thor Experienced 4
Toad Rookie 2
Vampire Lackey Rookie 1
Vampire Lackey Experienced 2
Vampire Lackey Veteran 3
White Queen Rookie 3

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