If you're ugly,
I'm ugly too
~ Bon Jovi

twinz, inc. HeroClix

Let's say you have an undefeated (or nearly unstoppable) 300-point team. You're getting ready for a friendly and/or competitive game and the game turns out to be a 400-point contest. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? So just add a menacing 100-point figure and take care of business. Your only current available non-Sentinel/Sinestro choices? Mojo and Abomination. Gives me the heebie-jeebies just thinking about those two slimy, grotuesque, vile creatures. Here they come... the heebie-jeebies.

Points 100 100
Set (Rarity) Clobberin' Time (6) Xplosion (4)
Team Ability None None
At first glance: Mojo flies and has a range of 6. Abomination's a close-combat heavy hitter. Here's the initial comparison:

Movement: 8-8, Mojo has Mind Control while Abomination gets Leap/Climb.
Attack: 10-10, Mojo Incapaciates while Abomination flexes his Super Strength
Defense: Abomination beats Mojo no contest, 17 Invulnerability to 16 Toughness
Damage: Abomination has a mighty lead, 4-2.

If you're looking at durability, Abomination looks like he can take more of a licking than ol' yellow, 9 clicks to 8. If you want to inflict damage on your opponents' figures, Abomination is clearly the better choice, decreasing to 3 before leveling off at 2. As far as protecting your figure goes, Abomination takes care of himself with high defense values accompanied by Invulnerability for 3 clicks followed by Toughness the rest of the way down, lowest D value 14. Abomination retains Leap/Climb, Super Strength, and Invulnerability or Toughnesss the whole way down the dial, ending at 4-6-14-2. Mojo goes from Mind Control and Incapacitate with above-par stats to Poison followed by Steal Energy with consistently decreasing stats, ending at a powerless 4-6-11-1.

So far, it looks like the Sewer-dwelling Abomination is Leaps and bounds better than the sluggish and toilet-humored Mojo -- "Prime Time" he ain't (but he DOES have the range to Mind Control and Incapacitate from 6 squares away). But wait! What's this?! Mojo gets PERPLEX after 2 clicks and keeps it for 3. Did ya think that big, green and ugly had this one wrapped up? Looks like a surprise ending!

If you already have the finesse on your squad and need a heavy hitter to take a few punches and continue to dish it out, Abomination's your man -- er, monster. Already have the guts, need the glory? Mojo will put you on top of the ratings. Thanks for watching!
Who Wouldja Rather? Grossly obese, spineless, yellow syndicated-television-show monarch with an unhealthy flare for the dramatic Gamma-powered, fin-headed, scaly monster with brains to match mighty brawn

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