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Every one of 'em.

twinz, inc. HeroClix

We'd like to thank everyone that regularly enjoys the practice of trading with fellow HeroClix players. Not only is it a great way to get those certain figs you want, but you also get to meet a lot of cool people. This is a list of the good traders we've had the pleasure of doing business with. Feel free to send your trade lists to them, we personally guarantee that these are fast, reliable traders. They're listed alphabetically, except for Z who gets special treatment 'cause he lives near us... and Brak, 'cause he's an old-school OverPower celebrity.

Those that have a Y in the HCTP column have their trading lists available at

Name E-Mail HCRealms HCTP Alternate
Jason Zablotney Dr. Z Z's Trade List
Werner Mueck Brak's Art Gallery
Jeremy Bryan Y
Chris Carrigan
Chris Crossley Y
Dustin Cotton DoctorDoom AIM: PerryMasonAgain
Paul D'Angelo paulloaf Y AIM: paulloaf15
John Frenzes
Ben Grimm Y
Michael Hall piccolo
Jim Hannon
Jimmy Hirsch
Jason Jameson Y
Dan Koster DTM
J. Kumpel jkumpel AIM: fesick26, Yahoo: jkumpel1973
Tom Landy Ghost_Rider AIM: KirdApeTrainer, ICQ: 878641
Tom McDonald AIM: Studmuffintom
Bryan Middlebrook Y
Mike Smedley Y
Ray Taccetta Y
Andy Territo IronMan2732 Yahoo: Punker2732
Damion Verhalen fasteddie
Erik Wells trygon Y
Barry Zimmerman barryzim

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