Cledus T. Judd:
Always hilarious, still A-OK in my book. Can't wait for "It's A Great Day To Be A Guy"

Chris Cagle:
PLAY IT LOUD!! That's all I need to say, but I'll add that doing CDB's "In America" moved him way up on my favorite artists list.

Trick Pony:
Those three are f'ing insane. But that chick stole Garth's water-bottle frenzy, I dunno what that's about.

Gary Allan:
All the girls love him. C'mon, what's he got that I don't? Oh... he can surf, he looks really cool in sunglasses, and he has that raspy voice thing going on. Yeah, he got nothin' on me.

Dwight Yoakam:
I could've done without the majority of his Bakersfield hour. Good job on "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" and "Fast As You" though.

Brooks & Dunn:
They rocked the house, but c'mon, an hour and a half?! You call that a show?! No "Beer 30" either, what's up with that? Lighting for "Brand New Man" was phenomenal and they put on a helluva performance, but 90 mins of Kix & Ronnie is never enough.

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