Battle of the

twinz, inc. HeroClix

If you've got 18 points to spare on your DC team and want to keep your opponent honest with a little Stealth and ranged attacks, the Huntress and Robin rookies are among the best in the business. So who's the better Bat-trainee?

Points 18 17
Set (Rarity) Hypertime (1) Hypertime (1)
Team Ability Batman Ally Batman Ally
This is a toughie! Both Bat-trained, Stealthy, and start with Leap/Climb at 2 damage with a range of 6. While Helena the Huntress has one more click of life than tiny Tim, Batman's current partner in crimefighting is no pushover. Their initial dial settings are very similar: Huntress 8-9-15-2 and Robin 8-8-16-2 (Robin also has Smoke Cloud on the first click). On the second slot they both have a decreased speed of 6 but retain Leap/Climb (however, no more Smoke Cloud for Mr. Drake). The rest of the way down they are each powerless with consistently decreasing stats, Huntress with one more click of life as stated above. Robin's last click of life is a powerless 4-4-13-1 while Huntress is also powerless at 4-6-11-1 (her last click is then 4-5-11-1). Basically, your choice here is between higher attack or higher defense (Huntress being attack, Robin being defense). Personally, I'm going with the Boy Wonder!! With the higher defense value he'll probably last longer than Huntress regardless of that incidental extra click, allowing him to ping your opponent from afar without being seen.
Who Wouldja Rather? Dark-haired and dressed-to-kill sultry femme-fatale Boy wonder in tight, brightly-colored spandex

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