David Tata has been a freelance penciler in comics for 9 years now. He started off in 1994 doing work for Marvel Comics' Creative Services. His work has been seen in several mini comics and covers for TSR games and cards for Wizards of the Coast. Since then he has gone on to do the 1998 Toy Fair comic Spider-Man vs. Venom and helped designed the characters for Black Bull Comics' Shadow Reavers. Dave is also a full-time animator for Soup2nuts Productions working on the cartoon Home Movies coming out this fall for Cartoon Network. On top of all that you can now catch Dave's penciling work every month for the Jet Pack Pets in Disney Adventure Comics and in a "6 and 1/2" page backup story in Tales of Tellos issue #2.
Jim Calafiore worked for Valiant, on X-O Manowar, Magnus Robot Fighter and Armorines. After Valiant and his extended run on Aquaman, he's drawn a variety of books, including Superboy and Resurrection Man for DC; Force Works, War Machine, Iron Man, Fantastic Four Unplugged, What If?, Excalibur, X-Men Unlimited and Deadpool for Marvel; and he's been a frequent contributor to Wizard magazine. His most recent work can be seen in the pages of Exiles for Marvel.
Ron Frenz is an artist well known for his stints on Marvelís Spider-Man titles in addition to his work on Thor and Thunderstrike. He is particularly well known for his extensive run on DCís Superman line. Ron seems to always be on hand when comics history is made. He was the designer of Supermanís controversial electric blue outfit and he was the penciler of What If? #105 the first appearance of the popular Spider-Girl. This issue sparked Marvel's M2 line of titles. Ron went on to co-plot and pencil several M2 titles. Recently he has worked on Image's Mr. Right with Tom Defalco.
Dan Fraga was one of the young guns of the 1990's comic explosion. He was hired by Rob Liefeld in the spring of '92. After kicking around as a studio artist Dan showed some Youngblood samples and Rob thought they were cool enough to use in Youngblood #0. That was his fist printed story work. His first pin-up was in Brigade (vol. 1) #2. Since then Dan has worked on books like Bloodstrike, Supreme, Kid Supreme, Captain America, Generation X, Spider-Man, Witchblade, Darkness, Ascension, and more. All his experiences culminated in his series from Image, The Gear Station. Gear Station found Dan pushing the boundaries between analog and digital art production. Dan has also contributed to recent issues of Marvel's Wolverine, and as of issue #50 Dan has become the regular penciler on Black Panther.
Scott McDaniel is the penciler of DC's popular series, Nightwing. Scott's first work was a Prowler back-up story in Spectacular Spider-Man. He has since worked on Daredevil, Batman, Elektra: Root of All Evil as well as the Daredevil/Batman crossover. He worked on the Marvel series Green Goblin and Amalgam's Assassins. He is continuing his work on Nightwing as well as doing the covers for the popular series from DC, Hourman. Scott recently finished his critically acclaimed run on Batman and he is ready to take on another DC icon, Superman. First as the artist of the Superman 10Ę Adventure and then onto the Superman series as the regular penciler.
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